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Heinz Robertz (Vox, Guitar)

The front man was born '51 and he is originated in the Aachen area. It was 1968 when he played on stage for the first time with a rock band (so called "beat band" at that time). In the following years he quit the mainstream and turned to blues. In favour of his occupational development he kept abstinence from public performances for as long as 20 years. It was not before 1995 that he began once more and built up Tres Hombres consequently. Heinz loves the original R&B of the Stones, Jimmy Hendrix and he is especially a fan of Peter Green, the ex Mayall guitar player and frontmann of Fleetwood Mac.

Christoph Orthner (Bass)

The man playing the fat strings was born '50. At the age of 18 he was standing with his bass on a stage for the first time in the city of Bonn. He played Jazzrock, a totally new style of music at that time. After a break for professional and family reasons music fascinated him again in 1995. Situated in Aachen meanwhile, Christoph played in different Blues formations and Big Bands. His favourite music remained Jazzrock besides Blues and Latin. His idols as a bass player are Jaco Pastorius, Victor Bailey and Jack Bruce. 2011 he joined the Hombres.

Klaus Pinhammer (Drums)

The master of drums and cymbals was born in '59. At a young age he drummed on detergent pails and the like. He adored Beatles und Stones (both !). So in 1977 he formed a student band. Some years later he shifted focus to family and job. Music remained an important companion anyway, even though as home music. In 2017 he renewed his skills with the help of a professional trainer. After 2 years of intensive rehearsal he 2019 joined the Hombres. His musical taste ranges from Classical music to Rock. Beside the sixties standards noted above especially the music of Genesis should be mentioned. His drummer idols are, of course, Charlie Watts and Ringo Starr, but Ginger Baker as well.